Tips For Teens Who Are On Their Own

As a teen of 17 years old, I left my house to set up my future. I moved to Miami to finish highschool and take advantage of the college tuition prices. Coming from a family with not a lot of money and not having any family members graduated from college it was my number one goal to reach my own goals and not the goals of others. At 18 I moved into my own apartment with my girlfriend. I go extremely lucky to find someone as dedicated as me and someone that is looking to have the same things as me. But to those who need help and are alone I believe these tips would help you in some type of way.

  1. Stop going out- Going out with friends will hurt you more than you think. Even if you’re not spending money you are still wasting something more valuable — time. The time you are out you can be working another job or making extra money, studying if you’re in school, or reaching goals, personal goals that you want to complete. You’re in a position to do what you want and its only up to you to reach those goals because no one is gonna blame someone else or help other than you.
  2. Organize your week- Making your schedule for a week has proven most successful for me. Always try to get all your things done. I know many days its a struggle to get up or get to work but once you do the things you need to it feels great. Make sure all your things are in place so you can take the steps you need to create progress in your life.
  3. Spend smart, but be happy- Its always going to be hard not to spend the money in your account but spending smart isn’t as hard as most people think. Catching yourself buying things you do not need will help a lot. It is not an overnight change but it is very much needed. Save but do not keep yourself from being happy. Remember, if you are on your own and don’t have a college degree and are working towards your dream you aren’t like anyone else, reward yourself from time to time but don’t let it take your life of the tracks.
  4. Fight for your goals- Your goals are important because that’s what will keep you from failing. You might fail a few times but true failure is giving up. The dreams you make for yourself are the only thing that really belongs to you and can’t be ripped out of you. No matter how hard that dream may seem, don’t stop chasing it. As long as you have something to chase you have a reason to keep going.
  5. Be yourself.